While you've been busy building your business, we've been busy building our network.

We understand that a growing business needs results quickly. As a specialist agency with a network of skilled and qualified talent, we deliver quantified results efficiently and effectively as all our energies are focused on knowing the industry and the best people in it. 

Our expertise and reach coupled with our long term relationships based on honesty and integrity means we partner with clients and candidates who share with us their ambitions and aspirations. This type of unique alliance enables us to make insightful and timely connections bringing together our candidate’s future with your company’s vision.

By partnering with us we become an extension of your business. Introducing you to future talent and helping you reach your business goals sooner.

No two companies are alike. We place a great deal of importance on cultural suitability as well as skill set. We are an open and transparent agency that works with our clients in a collaborative format, offering our professional expertise insight and solutions.

WHO IN THE ZOO has the strongest presences on industry specific and targeted national and international job platforms and reach a wide, global network of candidates. Our network and database are consistently replenished with the industries best talent. 

Often the best candidates for your vacancy may not be looking, this is where our extensive data base and our constant presence and networking enables us to reach a network of candidates often unavailable through the normal channels of advertising. We are experts in identifying and reaching theses candidates through our greater network of refereed connections.

We understand the time constraints and pressures of running a competitive business, when you need efficient and effective recruitment solutions an industry specialist not only understands your specific requirements, but has access to a database of pre screened, pre qualified industry specific candidates ready for you to view.

Image: Juergen Teller for CELINE

Image: Juergen Teller for CELINE